Monday, February 4, 2013

Hello and welcome to my diet journey!

I'm still in beginning stages of GAPS right now, but I figured I can hold myself better accountable if I blog about the different things that I have been finding interesting, difficult or yummy (or G-d forbid, NASTY) while introducing the GAPS Diet to our lifestyle.

Up front I will say that we do not keep a traditional kosher home, but we do keep what I have called "Kosher-Lite". So, we do have dairy with meat, and we do not get exclusively kosher items, though we do eat foods that are categorized as Kosher. Also, we are a Celiac household, so GAPS fits in really well with us.  I take a rather free-form look at GAPS and we will use some Paleo (Caveman Diet) and Primal Diet recipes with slight modifications to make them meet the GAPS requirements.  I'm also taking some recipes that I've had on hand from magazines, and some from my mom's cookbook that she created when we all went gluten free in 2004.

My household has been a forever gluten free household, though my diet was severely thwarted three years ago and I've been recovering ever since.  Due to several issues ongoing with our health, I've decided to slowly transition us over to the GAPS diet to further help our guts heal, and increase our health, lose some weight while we are now beginning to exercise at a gym, and get my kids more interested in a variety of foods.

I'll try to leave some of that story out, because really it's so crazy you'd probably not believe me if I told you how bad things really are right now due to that one incident three years ago.

I'll be posting links in my right-hand sidebar to places I have found GAPS recipes, and have found to be quite helpful in my journey, and at the bottom I will also have some and advertising. My reasons for doing this involve the fact that sometimes it is difficult to find the items, and Amazon is usually great about having things that are not available in your local markets.

I will try and dedicate a few pages to books I have found helpful while navigating the diet, including ones I have on my Kindle reader, as well as the possibility of posting some news items here as this pops up from time to time in the news. (as I remember)

Found via
Since I am also blogging over at Yeshua Hineni, and I'm also working on a few online projects + parenting, my blogging goal is to try and blog at the very least, one time a week, and at most, once a day about our GAPS-y meals.

I will be tracking back to blogs I found recipes on, or mentioning where I found them online/in cookbooks and how to get them. Also, I will be posting Food Porn. So be forewarned, make sure you eat BEFORE you come poking around my blog. . . otherwise you might risk short circuiting your mouse and keyboard, Kindle, Tablet or Smart Phone. (hehe)

I hope you enjoy the blog, and that you will comment when you find something particularly interesting to you.

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