Monday, February 4, 2013

First GAPS-Foodie Post

Yesterday I was very pleased to find the Youtube Channel for the "Food Wishes" blog. Being the crazy foodie that I can tend to be, I watched about ten videos, added him to my subscriptions and decided I am going to sit down and cook tomorrow after going grocery shopping. See, our grocery stores and other shops are not open on Sunday. is open, but they don't deliver locally.

I imagined that I would be quite pleased with myself and that my children would be very excited about the wonderful new food choices on their plate. My inner Sheldon Cooper was very excited. It was as if I had received my very own life size Spock cardboard stand-up character.

Yes, I was that excited about trying some really yummy food. In my mind, my kids were not going to be running around like Sheldon Cooper on no sleep, trying to escape the grasp of Leonard Hofstaedter while in a children's ball pit.

My children had other ideas. While we have no ball pit, that's kind of the sounds I heard from the kitchen while my husband was trying to get them to sit and eat. "I want to eat on the floor by the couch!" - "I don't want to eat at all.." followed by "Catch me!"

That's all right though! My youngest ate half of his meat, half of his carrots, tried the bean casserole and peeked over at our servings of Brussels sprouts. My eldest took a couple bites of his meat, ate half of his carrots and only poked at his bean casserole. "Bleh! I'm finished!"

My husband on the other hand, OH MY WORD, that is one of the best duck recipes I have ever had, the absolute most wonderful Brussels sprouts I have ever had, some of the yummiest (would have been better with bone broth in it!) carrots, and an actually very delicious casserole I would not say no to having again.

Without further ado, I present our Food Porn of the night:

The Child's Portioned Plate

The Adult Plates - sorry, the Sprouts got a little burnt while I was distracted
Close up of the Adult Plate.
In the end, both adults had cleared their plates, and the children's plates will be wrapped up and eaten tomorrow.

What in the world did I cook? Well, I used my own recipe of carrots, which consists of putting water in a pot on medium heat, peeling and slicing five thick carrots, putting a heaping teaspoon of honey (your choice which kind!) in the pot of water, some salt and pepper and letting it boil until the carrots are JUST soft. Not crunchy, but not soggy - about like steamed carrots.

Below are the videos that gave me my inspiration for the rest of the meal, and the link to Chef John's blog posts on how to make these, if you are anything like me and need to have a printed copy for your cookbook!

Stove-Top Sous Vide Duck

Garlic & Blue Cheese Green Bean Almondine

The only changes I made to the Garlic & Blue Cheese Green Bean Almondine was that I am allergic to Blue Cheese - so I used Feta cheese. Since my husband was not keen on the sheep cheese variety, he chose a Balkan Cow's milk based feta. Also, I used smaller garlic knobs and since I am still sensitive to garlic, I used only two very small-small (smaller than the palm of my hand) organic ones.

The Sous Vide Duck was a little labor intensive, but now that we know what temperature our stove will go down to on low (150°F) ... we won't have to babysit it as much next time.

Hopefully next time I will take our sprouts out of the oven a little faster. While slightly burnt, they are a definite repeat in this household.

From the look of things, this would nicely fit into the FULL GAPS diet.

Happy GAPS-y eating out there!

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