Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gluten Free Product Review - Frei Von Schoko Muffins

REWE Gruppe's Frei Von Schoko Muffins
Gluten free, includes 12 paper muffin tin liners,
chocolate sauce (to be melted!) and the baking mix!

Today I'd like to talk about a new item out there for us gluten-free folks in Germany. REWE Gruppe's  Frei von... chocolate cupcake mix. It is not GAPS or PALEO, but if one is able to be off the diet, or have special days and are not allergic to corn - this is a wonderful option.

I do not make these according to the recipe directions since I've had these at least six times already and found my favorite way of making them. The typical mix tells you to use around 150ml of water, 2 eggs and 125ml of oil before cooking at 160°C for 30 minutes... there was a tip on one of my boxes that suggested using 2 TBS of molasses and 1 TBS of dark coffee as well as adding walnuts. Another tip was to add add one more egg and bake as usual you want a more cake-y consistency. I had also heard that you can substitute milk for the water amount and butter for the oil amount.
  So, I combined these ideas and threw in chocolate sprinkles because I was wanting a lot of chocolate that night.

The directions are quite straight forward and you can't go wrong even if you do not speak German. The pictures aren't easily misunderstood.

How they turned out! DH got one before I could get a photo. Boo!

These have been a great hit at our house, and at our kid's kindergarten.  I would recommend this for anyone that has been searching high and low for an easy starter cupcake or cake mix.

I keep our pantry stocked with it for emergencies, as you never know when a birthday might creep up unaware in the kindergarten. At 1.99 €, you really cannot argue with the price!!

My in law's and the teachers at kindergarten have tried these and thought I had contaminated my kitchen OR had bought them in the store rather than having baked them at my own house. If that doesn't sell a gluten free muffin/cupcake, I don't know what will.

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