Thursday, March 7, 2013

What is for Breakfast on Thursday?

Cucumbers, Sausage, Ketchup,
Sweet Potato Casserole and Quiche
I was reading yesterday on the Google Plus Community, "Paleo and Primal Lifestyles" and saw a link to a blog discussing kid friendly Gluten Free meals over at Pain Free Kitchen. "What is Kid Food?"  is the name of the specific post in question.

I find it somewhat disappointing and  frustrating that people really have a hard time coming up with food to feed their kids when it comes to Paleo, Primal, GAPS or Gluten Free (and with food allergies) - really, it's simple.

Remember the old saying "K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid"? - It's like that, but easier.

Whatever you are willing to eat, odds are the kids will eat it without question.

I am amazed at the parent responses to my kids' bento meals every few days. "Is that breakfast? It doesn't look like breakfast" - and odds are they have no idea I am their parent and right in the room, and if they did, they'd likely not be asking the teacher. .  I just raise an eyebrow and say "It looks OK to me. They're eating it!"

Really, kid food is easy. Just remember the basics about food portions, figure out how small their little fists are, and adjust for a container. Decorate and accessorize only if you have time for it. Don't stress yourself out. Choose your hard!

If right now washing so many dishes is too hard, go to paper plates and plastic ware. You can at least recycle the plastic and the paper can biodegrade.

If it's too much to do it all first thing in the morning, start getting their food together at night when you're putting away leftovers from dinner. Odds are yesterday's leftovers mixed with something new will not go noticed in a small person's bento.

--So, today - we're having leftovers. Yesterday's quiche, day before yesterday's sausage, yesterday's sweet potato casserole and some cucumber.

Their lunch is easy peasy and I didn't have time to make it paleo, so they are using up the last of our traditional GF noodles for spaghetti on their kindergarten menu. (sorry, no photos of that, I'm still putting it together and need to get out of the door with both of them.)  If I had time, I would have hunted up some spaghetti squash... but I don't think that's in season any more, and German shops don't usually carry out of season items (at least where I shop they do not) that are organic. I prefer my food as fresh as possible.

Below is both bentos packed and ready to go. YAY for easy.

Packed Bento Boxes

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