Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Some ideas for GAPS compliant Breakfast and Lunch

I've been thinking long and hard about posting, and this was meant to go up yesterday, but time got away from me. I ended up being almost late to Yoga while preparing another post, and then was too tired to try and get it together yesterday afternoon.  So, here we are today, after a long day of appointments and shopping - and I'm posting about yesterday's breakfast and lunch.

For breakfast, yesterday and today,  I had some fruit salad. It is complaint for the Full Gaps Diet only if you leave out the Maraschino Cherries.  I wasn't about to do that in the middle of making it yesterday, but I will in future. For now, My fruit salad has the  sugar-soaked cherries.

The salad consists of 2 red apples, 1 green apple, 4 kiwi, a few grapes and 2 bananas. When it is in season, I will typically add strawberries and pears. There were no fresh organic pears the last time I went shopping for fruit.

The kids had their bento boxes made up, and the only thing NOT compliant was their buttered bread.  Otherwise, they had a GAPS compliant cream cheese cake (I fermented the cream that goes in it and used honey instead of sugar), meat, fruit salad and a rainbow colored egg (bought like that from the store).

I got the recipe here, and did not make the biscuit bottom, and used honey instead of sugar. When you substitute honey, use half the amount called for. 

 I just love that when you purchase boiled eggs here in Germany, that they are dyed so you can tell them apart from your other store-bought eggs. Could you imagine if you couldn't what a headache that would be??

For lunch, I had a Thai Curry Salad. It has roasted duck on top, and nuts - so only complaint for the FULL GAPS diet.  The only thing you have to change in the recipe is to use honey instead of sugar when making the sauce. Also, ours has lettuce and bamboo shoots. I do not put onions and  peppers in, as my gut does not handle either of those raw.

 This is an absolutely lovely dish, and usually I will eat two or three of these a week if I have one in the fridge.

I wish there was more to update, but our dinner was not very GAPS Compliant (baby steps!!) and I've not been home (or eating much!) today.  When I did eat, I had breakfast - and here it is after 4pm and I had some frozen GF Pizza, because that was just way easier than spending two hours doing prep with a dirty kitchen while putting away purchases etc.

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