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Our Kindergarten Menu year 2012-2013

Tulip. Photo by A.Stahl, 2011

Hello and welcome back to another post! Today I want to talk about the Kindergarten Menu that we are doing this year. They attend for 5 hours a day, so normally food would be catered for them, for which we'd pay a small fee every day  - except with our dietary needs, they cannot cater to us.
There was some initial upset that we had meals that were different than the other kindergarten children, so we were given a copy of last year's and this year's catering menu to meet as best as we possibly can. In October, I was doing all of this dairy free. As of January, we have begun slowly swapping over things to make them more GAPS compliant.  Everything I have starred, is a change I was making in October to ensure all of this was dairy free. 

Week 1:
Noodles with meat sauce, green salad and yogurt.*
Chicken filet in cornflakes, fried rice w/veggies, icecream*
Cauliflower with breadcrumbs, turkey bratwurst, baked potatoes, Monte*
Spaghetti Carbonara, Salad, Fruit
Tomato Soup, Latkes, applesauce

Week 2:
Noodles with tomato sauce, fresh carrot salad*, chocolate pudding*
Turkey fillet (no breading), rice, yogurt sauce*, steamed carrots
Maultaschen (like ravioli sort of) in veggie broth, quark yogurt*
Turkey gyros, potato wedges, tzatziki*, coleslaw*, grapes
Milk-rice pudding*, cherries, sugar and cinnamon 
Week 3:
Cheese-leek soup with ground turkey meat*, baguette
Gnocci*, turkey bacon, cream sauce*, salad, fruit
Turkey breast filet (no breading), mashed potatoes*, green beans, Monte*
Broccoli with noodles, parmesean-cream sauce*, yogurt*
Salmon with creamed spinach* and noodles, cherry pie filling with vanilla sauce*

Week 4:
Chicken nuggets, fried potato wedges, tomato salad, ketchup and fruit
Steamed Salmon, rice, herbed sauce*, salad, pudding*
Turkey burgers, kohlrabi*, salted potatoes, yogurt*
Chicken soup with chicken meat and ribbon noodles, milk-rice pudding with sugar and cinnamon*
Cauliflower dollars (fried cauliflower cakes) with yogurt sauce*, waffles with powdered sugar*

Some of the breaded recipes can be changed to be GAPS compliant by using nut flours instead of breading/flour.  The Maultaschen recipe cannot be changed to be GAPS Compliant.  Potato wedges could be changed out for other vegetables baked in the oven - such as zuchinni or carrots.  I'm uncertain if there can be a change out for milk rice pudding. Perhaps chia pudding, but I'm not sure. The Pudding could be changed out for this recipe, and the yoghurt can be swapped out for milk kefir.

 Some of the parents at our kindergarten have complained about a few changes I've made, though the children have not at all minded. Its one of those things that you just have to play by ear or ask the teachers about.  I do not leave bread off, since that is an integral part of the meal and we haven't quite seen eye to eye about that bit since there are no yeast issues or additional allergies that prevent us from using bread. I'm OK with that, really, I am.

Noodles can be done by taking some carrots and zuchinni to a spiralizer and then following this recipe. I've done them similarly in spaghetti sauce, simply letting them boil a bit in the sauce before dipping it up.

Fried potato wedges can be  swapped out for other vegetables and cooked in lard or tallow, or oven roasted. (Maybe a recipe similar to this one?) We now make our own tallow and I do much prefer to do our frying in that. Tallow is actually much healthier than using vegetable fat to fry in.

Potato latkes could be easily swapped out for other vegetables. Such as this Zuchinni Latke recipe,  this Carrot Scallion Latke recipe, or these cauliflower "Not Potato" Latkes.

As we go along with the blog, I will feature a few of these recipes. So do keep a keen eye out, or be sure to ask in the comments after any recipes that you find particularly interesting.

Stay safe and well out there in cyber land! xoxox

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