Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's for lunch, Thursday?

German Cucumber Salad, Chicken burgers,
Cream Kohlrabi and Carrots,
non-compliant cookies
One of the many reasons I started my blog, was because I have a hard time looking at GAPS recipes and putting together a meal plan. Today, I had the bright idea that I should just go for it, even though I'm learning about food photography and haven't got all my things together.

What is for lunch on Thursday?

German Cucumber Salad, Chicken Patties, Creamed Kohlrabi and Carrots, and my leftover cookies from Purim, which are not compliant with the GAPS diet. (So sue me, I like cookies and I'm still baby-stepping along.)

For the Cucumber salad, you take about 3 regular sized cucumbers and peel them very well. Then you will need to slice them thinly with your mandolin or food processor. Place in a nice glass bowl and add some salt and pepper, a little dill, about a tbs of mustard, 2 tbs of herbed vinegar (for example: Kressi - better yet, make your own!), 200ml or so of milk kefir OR 100ml of milk kefir and 100ml of Yogurt Dressing. Mix very well and chill in the fridge for at least an hour before serving.
This is my mother in law's recipe. Basically, it's a modified version of this recipe:

My Kohlrabi recipe is a modified version of this.
I use only bone or beef broth for my water/broth mixture, and I do not use any thickener if I can help it. I do not use the parsley or onion in this recipe, since I use those when I make my bone broth. When I make this recipe, I tend to use milk kefir instead of  the light cream. Generally one bottle is around 200ml, so that 's around what I use of thick milk kefir.

Even if you do not understand German, the video is helpful in figuring out how to cook this lovely dish.

Ingredients list
700g Kohlrabi, peeled and sliced in your food processor or with a mandolin
80g Kohrabi leaves (I sometimes leave this out as well)
250-300g Carrots, peeled and sliced in your food processor or with a mandolin
800ml bone broth or vegetable broth
200ml Milk Kefir
Pepper and Salt to Taste
30g (or less!) Tallow or Butter to grease the pan
Follow all other directions in the video.

For my chicken burgers, I generally will grind chicken or turkey breast with my handy-dandy meat grinder, then I add 2 organic, free range eggs; some ground flax, chia seeds, spices and when I'm making it for kindergarten, bread crumbs. Sometimes I will toss in some nutritional yeast to mimic cheese flavor and add more B vitamins.  During Passover and when making it GAPS compliant, I use almond or hazelnut flour to bind the burgers together and help them remain loose.  Unfortunately, I don't measure any of these ingredients and go by look and feel. It will need to be loose but come together when mixed.  If I'm making them for breakfast, I use an ice cream scoop to dip them out and then press to flatten them in the pan. These are also fried up with a bit of tallow, or coconut fat.  Fry on each side about 5 minutes on medium heat. Serve with GAPS Compliant Ketchup and Mayo, or eat as is.

Delicious! That wasn't really too hard to pull a few recipes together, now was it?

Stay GAPSy out there in cyber land!

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