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Summer Reading - Magazines

Gluten Free Magazines

This summer has been full of surprises. I thought I would have a little more time on my hands to do some blogging while the children were out of kindergarten for four weeks. Well, I was mistaken.

However, I did receive two copies of Simply Gluten Free Magazine, and I had a little time to read the latest DZG (Deutsches Zöliakie Gesellschaft) Magazine.

I had only very recently subscribed to Simply Gluten Free, so imagine my surprise when just a few weeks later, I received the current (July-August) issue! I was very impressed with the lay out, the simplicity of the index and the fact that there were basically two indexes for items so that you could not miss anything at all in the magazine.  There's also a great deal of advertizing in the mag, but it's tons of products I had not been hearing about from other people I know in the US and Canada that are gluten free. 

There were some really great articles that I appreciated reading, including:
  • Healthy children at home, at school and on the go
  • Gluten Free Dating 101
  • Understanding probiotics and prebiotics
  •  Cross-reactive foods
  • Explore: Amsterdam - Gluten-free friendly
  • The best four years of their lives? For gluten-free students, college choice largely impacts quality of life
  • Simple Substitutions cheat-sheet for popular food items
 One thing that I noticed in the cross-reactive food article was that Dr. Vikki Petersen mentions that to go on a successful elimination diet for dairy, you need to be fully off of dairy for thirty days for it to be effective. She also mentioned that if you are doing an elimination diet off of other cross-reactive foods, that you need to be off of that one reactive food for three months and then reintroduce it slowly. I thought that one month was enough as an idea, but I found out differently! 

 I loved the article about Amsterdam. I was trying to talk my husband into a trip to Denmark, but we were uncertain what the gluten free options available to us would be like. I did plan on visiting Amsterdam, but I am unsure if we would be able to afford to stay in the city or not, and planned to stay in a smaller, nearby town if possible. Knowing that we could go out to eat, not just keep bread with us and get fresh food to add to that - is quite encouraging!!  Though, staying gluten free in Europe does tend to be tons easier than it is in the US.

 I checked my mail last week, and I received the September-October issue of Simply Gluten Free! It was just as impressive as the earlier issue I had received, and filled with just as many, if not more, recipes than the previous issue. I do so love that they include paleo options for people who need to be grain free for whatever reason.

The articles that I really enjoyed in this edition were:

  • Strengthen your immune system naturally
  • Food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities - What's the difference?
  • Educate, empower, empathize - helping your children cope with celiac disease.
  • New Gluten Free Cookbooks
  • Gluten free baking without gums with Dr Jean Layton

I really loved the article on food allergies, intolerance and sensitivities. It was very detailed, well done and while the medical terminology was quite prevalent, it was not presented in a manner that would be confusing or cause one to feel like they are being talked down to.

Some of the companies featured in the two magazines were:

  • Hodgson Mill
  • Sam Mills
  • Real McCoy Snax
  • Home Free
  • DeLand Bakery
  • Plainville Farms
  • Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods Kids
  • Contes Pasta Company
  • Food for Life
And many others I'd heard of in passing or had never heard of before I moved to Germany.
After I had read my English magazines, I went ahead and read my German Celiac Association magazine. (Issue 03/2013)  I wish I had this one last month, as it discussed Fructose Malabsorption in great detail.  I could have used that information when we were doing a Fructmal diet for my youngest son, to see if that was the source of his gut issues.  Other interesting articles included:

In the ads, I noticed that Schär has revamped some of their noodle offerings, and there are several new options. Schär is also coming out with some new pastries and breads. The pasta I mentioned in an earlier post from Schneekoppe was discussed. So far, positive reviews.  There's a new product line from a company called Cenovis, which I had never heard from. They're making boullion, soups and spices that are certified gluten free and organic. Glutano has two new breads out, one of which we have recently tried out - Bauernbrot (a white sourdough variety) and Suße Brötchen (Sweet bread - it's comparable to Schär's Bon Matin). Almondy has rolled out five new flavors of cake and it looks like they may have eliminated their Smarties cake. 3 Pauly has rolled out organic cornflakes. (This will be helpful with some of our cooking.)

I've been reading a lot of medical and dietician-related articles that should help people with Celiac Disease get on better.  I plan on sharing those all later, as I'm still sifting through them all. I have two more PDFs to read and print before I'm comfortable sharing what all I've been up to these last 4-5 weeks.

I do hope that you excuse my absence, as my children were more in need of my presence than my blog was.  I hope that you all had a wonderful summer with your families and if you're in the US, that you have a wonderful Labor Day.


P.S. I've not been paid in any way to mention any of these companies or magazines. I honestly love reading this stuff and sharing information I find. It's too interesting to keep to myself!

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