Monday, May 20, 2013

Exciting new things!

 This past Saturday, I received something new in the mail! (Sorry for the poor lighting) I had heard last week that Coeliac UK had a gluten free magazine, so I went ahead and ordered myself a copy to see what I thought about getting a subscription.

This is my copy.  It was a very good read. It had around 62 pages and lots of information inside, including new gluten free products, an upcoming vendor fair in June, the latest from their conference in May, and the latest diagnostic information as well as recipes.

Oh my goodness, recipes!! There are recipes in there for breads and meals. Scones! I've been hunting a recipe for gluten free scones for ages, and hadn't found anything close to the real deal, and there is a recipe for scones in the Summer 2013 issue! Stay tuned, I will definitely be trying that one out!

 Also, I went to our local ToomMarkt here in Germany, and found that Schneekoppe has a new set of products out. There area actually three new pastas available that are easily made at the office, in a hotel kitchenette or your dorm or home.

I thought, hey, that is neat! let's see if it is gluten free wheat starch free, and if it is, I'll go ahead and try it!  I'm not being paid for my review, and considering I keep coming into contact with people with Celiac who are traveling through, this may be worth reviewing and sharing the information on my blog, right?

The pasta packets are all gluten and lactose free, but they are not corn free. (I've not found any gluten free items here that are pre-packaged without corn just yet.)

You can click on the images and it'll enlarge, or you're welcome to check out the items on the website as well. If you live here in Germany, feel free to either order online or ask your local REWE Gruppe store if they will carry it for you.

I tried the Tomate-Basilikum on Saturday, and it really tastes a lot like Spaghetti-Os. I was actually surprised I remembered the taste of it, considering that I hadn't had any in almost a decade!

Each of these pasta packets makes up 2 servings. I thought it was going to be one of those laughable "oh two servings, right? ha!" - no. It makes up two whole bowls of pasta.  You will want to either make half of a package or have another person to share with you.

My husband said it "tastes ok" - but I don't know if that is good or bad. He's notoriously very quiet about things unless he absolutely hates it. I pressed a bit more and  he says, "It isn't nasty, it could be bought again."  I guess this means we could stock something like this in our pantry?

The Zuchinni-Käse is also lactose free, so this is safe for GFCF individuals visiting or living in Germany. Oh my goodness, it is so delicious. It tastes about like a cheese soup, the noodles are absolutely lovely and I ate a whole bowl myself. We got the kids to try it, they're not so great on soups, but they both said it was very good.

It really wasn't as thick as the photo on the packet. The tomato one was DEFINITELY as thick as the images on the package. It was absolutely delicious and I would love having this one again.

I may order the Pilz-Creme to try at a future date. 

 These ran around 3€ at our local store, but it looks like they're on sale through Schneekoppe at the moment for under 3€ a package.

These are definitely worth keeping on hand for a day when you just haven't time to spend in the kitchen!

Here is hoping you have a wonderful week ahead!

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