Friday, April 19, 2013

Been working on something new

Pienser, photo by A. Stahl, 2009

 I've been toying with the idea of utilizing Google+ Hangouts on Air to share how to cook tasty Gluten Free, Paleo and GAPS items. I know a lot of people who are new to learning about Gluten Free baking and cooking, and I'm more than willing to help out with that.  For now, the plan is to figure out how to get my laptop situated safely in the kitchen (we're troubleshooting!) and what exactly to fix. I've debated doing this a couple times a week, sharing what a typical breakfast might be, or perhaps a typical lunch or dinner.  Typical will be a relative term as we will likely be entertaining children in the background or having a mini helper along, depending on the hangout. (eep!)

Three things:
  1. I do all of my baking and cooking with American measurements, and also with some metric measurements.  My plan is that I will go ahead and show both what the weights and measurements would be for metric and American as usual, this way the hangouts can be marketed to a worldwide audience.
  2. The realm of baking that will be produced in the hangouts will be along the lines of Kosher-lite. So no bacon - only substitutes.
  3. I'm willing to offer one on one lessons, but it will take planning and contacting me to get that set up

I am still trudging along and adding in more GAPS items and Paleo recipes, so my concern with the hangouts is more towards offering services to help people new to the gluten free lifestyle rather than "Look at me, I have a handle on GAPS!", because I still do not completely. We're still working on that, and the house will likely never be 100% until the kids are out of kindergarten for various reasons.

Topics I'm up for:
  • Gluten free 101
  • Mealtime planning / What can I eat now?
  • Shopping for gluten free items in the US and Germany
  • Gluten free with additional allergies
  • How do I make....? / Can I make....?
  • Gluten Free Bento / lunchboxes for kids
  • Resources for gluten free living
  • How to handle gluten free for outings, travel, social events

So, while I'm pondering this idea and trying to bring it to fruition, I wondered if I could solicit ideas from my readers as to things they would like to see made gluten free, that they feel is impossible, or troubleshooting some recipes for various food allergies.

So, leave a comment below, and I can get a bit further along in the planning stages. Go! go!! write something already!

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