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Humpday Readings - Gluten Free Food in the News

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Today has been a terribly busy day. Cleaning the house, getting meals prepared, sending one child off to kindergarten while the other remains out sick, and trying to tend to my own illness. In the meantime, I got caught up on reading my email, recent information disseminated to me on Google Plus, and checking out the recent news on Gluten Free, Celiac, and Gluten Sensitivity on Google News.

Below are the interesting things I have found. All of these are not GAPS/Paleo friendly, but I'm sure with some tweaks, can be.  The other news is simply encouraging as it gets the news out about Celiac related disorders.

Culinary expert, food writer and Top Chef judge Gail Simmons grew up in Toronto with a passion for food. Her mother, Renée Simmons, on old friend of mine, is a talented cook and Gail grew up with a fine culinary background. Gail is Food & Wine magazine’s director of special events such as the spectacular Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. Just in time for Passover, here are a couple of her favourite Passover desserts. Passover recipes are always gluten-free as flour and flour products are banned during the eight days of the holiday.
Globe and Mail: Try these decadent (and gluten-free) desserts for Passover
Celiac sufferers can now take their pick of clearly labeled gluten-free matzo baked by small-batch producers like Lakewood Matzoh, and from large manufacturers such as Yehuda and Manischewitz, both of which have released gluten-free “matzo-style” squares during the past few years.
The two manufacturers label the products this way because they use tapioca starch and potato starch as their base. And matzo made without one of five grains — wheat, barley, oats, rye or spelt — does not fulfill the religious commandment to eat matzo during the Passover Seder. But many gluten-intolerant customers don’t care.

“People mistakenly think going gluten-free is a magic bullet to weight-loss, which isn’t necessarily because of the gluten; it’s because you’re cutting back on your calories,” Greenwaldt said.
Cutting out processed foods and eating fruits, vegetables and lean meats is obviously a healthy choice....
CBS Minnesota: Good Question: Is A Gluten-Free Diet Healthier For Most Of Us?

Oregon now has six more gluten free options when it comes to dining out:

Generally in America, not all restaurants are willing to offer gluten-free products — many believe gluten contamination is inevitable and don’t want to deal with the liability or the hassle of ensuring ingredients stay separate. Fortunately, many of the restaurants that have made the gluten-free commitment are right here in Eugene. Here are the city’s notable gluten-free hotspots, spanning six different varieties of food.
The Daily Emerald - Gluten Free Hotspots in Eugene
The GFCP list of certified companies is quickly growing and continues to attract major Canadian retailers and multi-national brand owners. "Enquiries for the GFCP are coming in from all over Canada,” states Bill MacLean, Vice President, Sales and Marketing from ACG. "With the addition of Ms. Chabot, we will be in a much better position to also service French Canada and the Maritime Provinces."
Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) Ramps-Up Presence in Quebec and Eastern Canada
  ALCAT Worldwide applauds recent commentary in Scientific American about how gluten sensitivity, as opposed to allergy, is mediated by the innate immune system.  The guest blog was written by esteemed science and health writer Julianne Wyrick.  To read the article visit:
ALCAT Worldwide Applauds Gluten Sensitivity Commentary in Scientific American
 Kelly Dorfman, nutritionist and author of “What’s Eating Your Child,” joined staff writer Mari-Jane Williams to talk about transitioning children to a gluten-free diet. Here is an edited excerpt.
Charlotte Observer: Gluten Free for Kids

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Well that seems to round things up rather nicely. What interesting diet-related news have you found this week?

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